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A morse code trainer for the Nokia 6030 (and potentially other phones too)

A while ago I thought it would be nice to have morse code trainer on my mobile phone. I hoped that I then could use the time I spent commuting on the train to learn some morse code. So I had a look around and the only application that I could find was MobileMorse. Unfortunately, MobileMorse caused an exception on my Nokia 6030. So I decided to write my own morse code trainer. It is a very simple application, much simpler than MobileMorse but it seems to do the job on my phone at least. I also tested it quickly on a Sony Ericsson K790i and it seemed to work on it too. In theory it should work on any mobile phone that supports Java (CLDC-1.1, MIDP 2.0) – but as I learned quickly this isn’t the case as Java compatibility seems to vary between different phone models. I’m therefore also working on a version that uses Nokia’s Sound class to generate tones.

The program is intended for learning morse code using the Koch method. It therefore starts with two characters (level 1) and you can add additional characters as your proficiency improves – however not all signs of the international morse code are supported at the moment. I will add them in the next version.

I called the program BMorse (couldn’t come with a better name at the moment). If anyone else is interested in this program it can be download from the following address:

The .jar file can be found at

Please keep in mind that this is still work in progress! I would therefore be very interested in test results on other phones as well as suggestions for improvements etc.. I’d also appreciate if an experienced ham radio operator could provide me with some feedback regarding speed etc. I will also publish the code under the GPL soon.

Oh yes, don’t forget to use the headphones when you are trying the program. The speakers used in some phones are really crap.